Every contribution to Woodridge planters, no matter how small, makes a difference to your community and local environment.
As an example, if 5% of the homes in Woodridge each donate $10 that's $250 - about one quarter of our annual budget.

All our workers are volunteers and our administration costs are $0 per annum. So every cent you donate goes towards planting and we appreciate every cent we get.

How To Make Donations

Our bank account number: 38 9006 0588934 00 (Woodridge Planters Incorporated)

If donating, please add "donation" plus your name and telephone number or address in details boxes so we can thank you.
Shorthand is fine (e.g. KW for Kentwood Drive, AW for Ashwood Street, etc.).
If you prefer to donate anonymously feel free to give only as much detail as you want to.

Your donation will be used to help pay for plants, equipment and refreshments on public planting days.

We currently do not accept donations via credit card due to the overhead costs. If you would like to donate using PayPal please let us know. We can set up a PayPal account but please be aware that a percentage of you donation goes to PayPal.

Donations will be acknowledged with a receipt but are not tax-deductible.

Other Ways To Contribute

Please see our home page for other ways you can contribute if donating money is not right for you.

We also run fundraising events:

Fundraising to restore the Porirua Stream, with the support of the Sustainable Business Network:

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