Our Vision

This vision statement defines who we are as an organisation and provides guidance in every decision we make. It helps us keep the big picture in clear view and ensures we never get stuck on details.

Core Ideology

Who are we and why do we do this?

Core Values

What are the things that make us who we are?

  • Care and respect for our New Zealand indigenous environment, the natural balance and our community.
  • Leaving a legacy - we do this for individual and community satisfaction and for the people who follow us.
  • Neutrality and unity - we are here for the environment and the community.
  • We are community builders at individual, family, organisational and inter-community levels.


Core Purpose - what are we here for?

We restore our natural environment and cultivate our community through biodiversity, education, common purpose and ownership.

Envisioned Future

By 2050 we will have a young and thriving ‘urban forest' and ecosystem that feeds healthy streams into Porirua catchment.
Our urban forest is a cohesive mix of homes, trees, people and birds, where the animals and environment flourish, people recreate and community thrives.

We'll know we have arrived because by 2050:

  • Our forest and ecosystem are protected and self-sustaining,
  • Our suburb is host to a thriving population of birds, with over 50% of species found in Karori sanctuary,
  • People are friends with and spend time with their neighbours,
  • We inspire neighbouring groups into action and are a model for future urban development around New Zealand


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